Green Night Light

A laser pointer refers to a simple handheld device charged with a power source. It is a small device that emits a narrow coherent low-powered laser beam of light. It is used to accentuate something with a small bright spot of different colored light. The power may vary from 5mw to 100mw green laser flashlight. A wide variety of 100mw laser flashlights are available. This specifically powered device has a range of approx. 6,000 feet. It makes an ideal choice for pointing out stars and planets in the midnight sky. It may also be used for other purposes, such as night hiking, camping, and so on.

The high-powered 100mW green laser flashlights are used to point out items lying at longer distance. These lasers are mainly used by astronomers to highlight the stars and planets. Please note, such lasers should be kept out of the children’s reach. The laser pointers come in different varieties or colors, such as orange, green and blue. Each type has its own unique features and serves a different purpose. These pointers project a highly visible beam via scattering from many dust particles. The laser flashlight is a handheld device featured with a push ON/OFF button.

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