Led Dimmable Light Bulbs

LED strip lighting replaces soon-to-be antiquated lighting sources of fluorescent and halogen light bulbs. Linear strip lights that utilize LED lamps employ semiconductor technology to generate illumination. This reduces the risk of fire hazards that result from overheated lighting equipment and cuts cost on energy consumption. Phantom LED strip lighting delivers value to both commercial and residential lighting arenas and is sweeping the technology world as the wave of the future.

LED strip lighting lends itself perfectly to commercial applications where energy saving and maintenance costs are a concern. Both gas and filament bulbs consume a great deal of power and become very hot if burned too long. Commercial entities must pay close attention to lighting to regulate overhead and often must limited the use of their lighting systems to ensure minimized overhead. This is not a concern with LED strip lighting. The average lamp life of LED strip lights is 50,000 hours–the longest lamp life of the industry. LED lamps generate very little heat and no ultraviolet radiation. For commercial entities in need of task and aesthetic strip lighting, LED technology offers a low-voltage, cost effective solution with minimized maintenance and dramatically reduced replacement costs.

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