Antique Lamp Supply

The English county of Staffordshire is synonymous with the production of porcelain and pottery. Staffordshire is uniquely positioned with all the potting clay and the plentiful water supply necessary for the manufacture of fine ceramics. Potting in Staffordshire has had an uninterrupted history of over 300 years, with many household names originating from, what were […]

Antique Table Lamps

a popular form of illumination nowadays is vintage lamps. But what determines whether one thing qualifies as vintage. It appeared to be differently defined though wherever We searched. That baffled me personally a bit. Anything between 20 and 80 years is apparently the common consensus as to the concept of classic for a table lamp. […]

Antique Floor Lamp

Having an antique floor lamp in your house is a sure way to strike a conversation with houseguests. Because of its history, intricate design and romantic elegance, it is hard not to see it as a conversational piece. And with its brass finish, stained-glass lampshades, and elaborate patterns, who could resist talking about it? In […]

Antique Floor Lamps

Do you find that your house looks a little plain? Maybe your house needs a little boost of style and the best way to do that is to get an antique floor lamp for your home. As floor lamps are very mobile and can be moved from room to room at a single whim floor […]

Antique Glass Lamp Shades

Purchasing antique glass lamp shades is in my opinion a amazing method to give your house that nostalgic look you've been after. Changing an old bland, cloth lamp shade using a art deco, Victorian, or gorgeous hand painted lamp shade is normally such a effortless procedure which will leave behind a splendidly noticeable difference which […]

Antique Lamps For Sale

There will be something somewhat little bit special about classic lights. Inside modern day of mass manufacturing antique lamps take us back again to a period when ornamental things were painstakingly manufactured by master craftsmen. But before we make a purchase we have to acquire enthusiast's information, as antique and classic lamps span a diverse […]