Crystal Candle Holders

Quite often, you hear about candle light dinner and all of us know it is a very special and different situation which we cherish with all our heart! Well, if you are the one who look for to arrange a candle light dinner for your beloved one, you might be thinking about only one thing--how […]

Crystal Night Light

Uniqia (yu-ni-ki-ya) provides an original set of creative and good quality services and products the present, home decoration, and souvenir markets. We have been based in vegas, Nevada, American. We design, make, and circulate our own products which tend to be both attractive and useful. Most of our products may be fully personalized into unique […]

Modern Crystal Chandelier

Even the most beautiful of houses need an occasional update. Oftentimes when we pick the design for a room we stick with it and that's absolutely fineā€¦ to a point. When you become so accustomed to the room it starts to lose its appeal. Everything just feels so familiar. But it's easy to revamp the […]

Crystal Floor Lamp

Lamps can do marvels to your home decorating ordeal especially when it is a table floor lamp. This lamp is a multi-functional piece that you can use at homes. Its basic function is to help provide light for the place and with its exuberant styles and designs it can definitely be a home decor to […]

Crystal Floor Lamps

Amazingly table lamps are extremely popular these days regardless of the emergence of various other interesting lamps of its style. The contemporary lights, brought about by today's technology, have-not in anyway impacted the rise in popularity of crystal lights, which will be eminent in its product sales. Have you ever wondered why is this sort […]

Crystal Pendant Lights

Nigella Lawson, the national deity of TLC, time and again hosts get-togethers at her residence. Although she basically concentrates on simple preparing food, she's at the same time quite adored for having the ability to make the best mood on her social events. Nigella advertised many times that lighting effects is very important and she's […]