Vintage Floor Lamps

At early morning there was Sun, which reflects light in most part of your area. During night, whenever Sun moves away to illuminate the opposite hemisphere, your lifetime dips in dark. By way of Thomas Alva Edison, he created electric lights to illuminate our life during evening. During yesteryears you can find only ceiling light […]

White Floor Lamps

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the plant kingdom and can rise up to several feet in a mere 24 hours. In just a few months, it reaches its full size and flourishes quickly without being aided. This is an implication that bamboo is greatly biodegradable, and can be cropped faster than usual hard-wood. […]

Crystal Floor Lamp

Lamps can do marvels to your home decorating ordeal especially when it is a table floor lamp. This lamp is a multi-functional piece that you can use at homes. Its basic function is to help provide light for the place and with its exuberant styles and designs it can definitely be a home decor to […]

Stained Glass Floor Lamps

Stained Glass Floor Lamps add elegance, charm as well as eloquence in order to any room in your house. They are one of the most versatile lamps available and a relatively inexpensive way to alter the appeal of any kind of room. Floor Lamps come in several smashing colors and styles. These might include Tiffany […]

Crystal Floor Lamps

Amazingly table lamps are extremely popular these days regardless of the emergence of various other interesting lamps of its style. The contemporary lights, brought about by today's technology, have-not in anyway impacted the rise in popularity of crystal lights, which will be eminent in its product sales. Have you ever wondered why is this sort […]

Antique Floor Lamp

Having an antique floor lamp in your house is a sure way to strike a conversation with houseguests. Because of its history, intricate design and romantic elegance, it is hard not to see it as a conversational piece. And with its brass finish, stained-glass lampshades, and elaborate patterns, who could resist talking about it? In […]